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I just wrote out a giant post, then re-read what scarecrow wrote and realized the point was moot...I even drank a boss-fighting potion and put on my flame suit I apologize for the seemingly useless part of this post, but it seemed such a waste of work to write all that out for naught.

On topic, I'm not sure about licensing replica previously stated, any law that came into effect would most assuredly result in REALLY stupid stipulations for replica owners. Not to mention swamp the government and it's citizens with yet more bureaucracy. Besides, there really are more pressing concerns in the country, although perhaps the sensational nature of "OH NOES! GUNZ!!" may overwhelm issues such as drugs, the economy, how drugs support the economy, etc. As for gun crime...I'm still waiting to see whether violent crime and poverty are correlational or causational - you really don't here about white collar car jackings. One could say that eliminating poverty would put a big damper on many of the criminal issues we face - but that's another utopian conversation for another time.
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