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Actually.... There was some 16 year old kid or something (He might have been like 20, 21 at most) on youtube who did a somewhat scientific test on heating GBB mags in winter. It's a lot better than what most idiots on youtube have with their "reviews" of airsoft guns. I forget what happened in the video but I'm pretty sure that he at least had a control mag (ie. a mag kept inside to "room temperature") a mag that had a heating pack tied to it using an elastic, and a mag that was just kept out in the open. If he was underage I would actually like that kid to be included into the community because he wasn't a dickwad who made a crappy review video (like 99% of the "airsoft gun reviews" on youtube) and the testing rigidity implied maturity (in my eyes) and good knowledge of scientific testing.

The test was somewhat rigid and it was concluded that if you put your mags in your pockets or in the waistband of your pants that it would keep it sufficiently warm to be OK, not great but decent enough performance.

Anyone know what video I'm talking about? If anyone can find it that would be great, I'm pretty sure the person who made the video was Canadian since he had a KJW clear framed pistol doing the test. I'll try to look for it now myself.

EDIT: Patcou I think I know what you're talking about. I've seen them at MEC and I have one myself. They sell under the name brand "Toasterz" at MEC, I think the solution inside is saturated sodium something or other and by popping a metal button it activates it and the liquid starts to turn hard? They're actually awesome for winter camping, I can attest to that.
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