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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
There is no point in licencing Replica Firearm. The law in place already forbids people from acquiring new ones. It'd be like licensing people to own cocaine.
And it just goes to show how ill-informed this police chief is that he doesn't understand exactly what you just said. Police Chief's shouldn't be engaging in this kind of discourse, I am sorry, he is a civil servant charged with upholding the laws that exist on the books, not being a politician and suggesting new ones. If I was the mayor or a city counsellor, I'd have him in my office explaining to me what he though he was doing on public radio making such idiotic statements, especially ones that run counter to the legislation and legal framework he is charged with upholding. Its blatent incompetance.

Originally Posted by Article
Patterson said replica pellet guns are also a risk because their pellets can travel fast enough to cause serious injury, especially to people's eyes.
So what. I can throw a rock to the same effect. If someone uses a pellet gun with that intention and does hurt someone, you can charge them under the firearms act and charge them with assault causing bodily harm. Its already covered in the criminal code.

I am all for social discourse, but in my line of work, Chiefs, both police, fire and paramedic, are administrative positions designed to interact between a municipal council and a department charged with duties under a particular Act of Parliment. A Chief (in my opinion) has no business using his position to put forth a political agenda, and further to that should be disciplined for doing that. If I was his boss, I would have his ass. The political and legislative branches make these decisions and seek advice at the appropriate times and places for police opinion on a matter. His entire interview was inappropriate as are MANY police chiefs accross Canada who have politicized themselves and politicians and legislators should be reigning them in and they are not. There are things happening in this country under the label of freedom of speech that simply should not be happening, especially with civil servants such as these.

In the case of the police, they are a paramilitary organization with a chain of command, ultimately answering to a civilian political and legislative body. They are a functional branch, and as such, are there to follow and uphold the laws and acts given to them. In this case the phrase "When I want your opinion I will give it to you." unabashedly applies.
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