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Originally Posted by yuhaoyang View Post
then it would just get all over your hop and barrel, and go on the nozzle, and probably the inside of the mechbox.... yuck.
yep. Possibly inside the mech but not anymore then average dust.
Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
If it rubs off easily it sort of defeats the purpose of a marker. Its funny, we went through this whole marker argument in paintball back in the early 90's when I was doing milsim paintball. We tried different balls that claimed easier laundering, powder types (liquid ones froze in winter gaming) etc.

Its sort of like my wardrobe from the 80's. If I wait long enough it will all be in fashion again.
Its was made to rub off easy just to see yourself if your hit. I've never seen a powder paintball ha tha'd be interesting. I'd say you could pull the look off now if it wasn't for the clothings design but the colors would fit right in with today./
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