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Good points...noted...and I will adjust the game thread accordingly.

The link is to a game/ not really a "Intro to Airsoft 101" thing. I've arranged that before and made loaners/rentals for guns and gear available. Brian M's had several of these...where having much of anything of your own isn't mandatory.

But there is a bar to hold people to. They must be able to read, they must have the self initiative to get to the door and step through. Getting to the door has requirements (age, some stuff, nothing earth shattering).

If someone goes and wastes their money at CT...I don't really care. If they want better than that...they'll figure out what's better and get that.

Once there, they'll have potential information resources on tap that would eclipse trolling the vast ASC with regards to ease and accessibility.

I want to get guys off of just surfing the site and out to good games.

I used to keep several rifles on hand for loaners (didn't even charge for them)...but don't have them any more.

I'll edit the game thread to note posting up for rentals...and clear guns.

Thank you,


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