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Originally Posted by LoveMyStubby View Post
Still not as safe as lens masks. Harder to see through and BBs DO shatter on impact if close enough, I don't trust mesh masks.

Plus most of the local fields want Paintball approved goggles which makes my CA tac goggles useless. At least they look nice
Hmm...ya I don't know about not as safe. Seen paintball lenses punched through (age of lens maybe, sure). I don't trust PAINTBALL masks that I have to wear for AIRSOFT because of a fields insurance needs. Not exactly putting my safety first. And there are lots of excellent fields here which are not insured as paintball fields.

These are also been approved for several LARGE venue ops down south.

And fogged lenses that I can not see through, stumbling around in the bush is a concern both visibility-wise and safety-wise.

Just email the Bitter-end fellow, tell him which product you like, and he will respond right away with a shipping quote. Mine (and my wifes) were shipped in days.

Mines painted up MC, and I find that the mesh sits before my focal range...I think I am losing maybe 5% of my light, but zero vision. In fact, I think my vision has sharpened up a bit via pinhole effect....

.....hold it...forget everything I just said....NO I am now quite blind!...cant see anything...come closer.
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