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Point taken

Originally Posted by Amos View Post
TM M4's are the weakest gun they product because they're out-dated, they're still phenomenal guns if you run them stock, but inside Canada the costs to fully upgrade one externally outweighs the initial cost of just buying a G&P or Classic Army instead.

TM M4's (not talking about SOPMOD or their Electric blowbacks) still have a 2 piece hop-up, body tabs and a weak V2 mechbox.

However, they are PHENOMENAL platforms to upgrade if you've got unlimited funds
My point exactly, this is why I was merely suggesting buying that waepon for a year, figuring your actual needs and preference and THEN spending an unspecified amount on what you really need and want after selling that gun for the same price you purchased it...

After all 300$ guns sell in 2 days(good ones) 1700$ ones... hummmm

Cheers mate... been fun chating

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