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Originally Posted by kertef View Post
I appreciate everyones input, it is very helpful. I am leaning more towards an M15 Carbine now after doing some more reading, seems to be a lot more in the way of mods internal and external plus they seem to be quite popular for good reason. I will keep my eyes open for a G&P as well as a CA on the forums for sure (If someone has either in an M15 variant in Winnipeg they wouldn't mind showing me let me know). I would rather spend a bit more money up front and not have to deal with as many repairs etc.

Alpine - Check the name pal, I got AV'd on the weekend :P
I've got... 2 or 3 of them sitting at my place right now.. but they're all in various forms of disassembly lol

I've got a CA and a G&P right now

Originally Posted by allblackguns View Post
An AR and and a 1911 is the way to go. Mp5's have less velocity.

For someone who is in the airsoft business... that information is REALLY skewed.. you should know that velocity means little to nothing as its very easily changeable..

Stock MP5's and stock M4's all come around the same velocity...
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