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Originally Posted by Sportco View Post
Interesting point... for the sake of discution...

weakest model... Ok weak how... I see guys spending a grand (and then some) on a gun because it's.... better... Ok fair enought

But, please tell me what problem on the TM cant be adressed or modified...

When I purchased my ICS m4a1... being maintenance oriented I loved the split gearbox ( go from indoor to outdoors in 15sec flat... plus the ware is split on two gearbox)

I had "old timers" telling me that I would have nothing but grief... well about 30,000 rounds later playing inside and outside ...i'm still waiting....

Sure had to do maintenance on it... no cost ... part of the fun...
Sure had to realign the front part (hard it)... barrel wobble... fixed... no cost
Complete maintenance on gears done in 30 minutes... not hours
so for less then 400$ taxe in...

you might have a problem convincing me that spending a 1000$ would have made my life better + you have to add the purchase of the indoors gun because I dont went to operate on the thing every other week CA, TM, WA its still steel screws in aluminium.

So again... buy a descent weapon... use it for a year... then decide what you need... I the mean time remember you are not getting paid to play airsoft
TM M4's are the weakest gun they product because they're out-dated, they're still phenomenal guns if you run them stock, but inside Canada the costs to fully upgrade one externally outweighs the initial cost of just buying a G&P or Classic Army instead.

TM M4's (not talking about SOPMOD or their Electric blowbacks) still have a 2 piece hop-up, body tabs and a weak V2 mechbox.

However, they are PHENOMENAL platforms to upgrade if you've got unlimited funds
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