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Hmm.... I wonder if you can refill the green Coleman tanks from one of those 20lb tanks then can you add "girl fart" as an additive for that "nice" smell (ie. reduce/eliminate the not so nice propane smell)?

I actually go through a few of those green Coleman tanks in a year. What can I say, I love camping and using that Coleman BBQ/stove thing.

EDIT: @ Shelledpants, I actually know that they add a bitterant to propane (something I learnt in like Chem 10 or Chem 11 IIRC) so that people know if there's a leak and so people don't abuse propane and inhale it (why they also add bitterants to Duster these days as well) but seriously I would like the gas we use in our GBB's to have a nicer smell. I have no problem using regular "smelly" propane out camping because it's probably a safety mechanism but with a GBB it's pretty hard to set yourself on fire unless you hold a cig up to the ejection port of your GBB or something and even then the gas gets cut off when the slide gets racked back forward so it's not like you'll set yourself on fire.
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