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I've only had 1 "knife Kill" since its very hard in my opinion to get so close but I have mercy kills every game but getting close just this 1 time my team of 4(ish) inc myself were just taking on another team of 4 and we had a pretty urban spot but not much cover that gave us great range, so I moved up into the end they came from behind this stack of wood with a plywood cover over the top and sides so I hid behind that and was watching my left then I noticed that this guy was really suppressing our team cause I hear his gun just going every second and I knew it was nearby and as he walked by I poked him with my gun and said SHHH then he freaked and shot me in the face 5 times and sec i'll edit with the pic I took.

This was at night in -20 weather, guns didn't break. (prolly was bad for them though)

that was after I washed it and it stopped bleeding(mostly) I had a 1 inch puffed spot from it for a few days.
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