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About V3 Gearbox.

Hello everyone. Another noobie questions...

I've notice that my JG Sig 552's handle was a bit lose(wobbly) so I took it the bottom of the pistol grip off and removed the motor. Looking at the bottom of the handle I've not there were two screw, so I simply got my screw driver and tighten it. One went on nicely tight, but the other wouldn't stop turning. The threads were gone on the gearbox(screw looked fine).

That being said, the pistol grip is still lose and would one screw holding the hand grip I'm afraid in future game the thing would just break off...

What can I do other than tossing a ton of super glue(my friend suggested that...).

Also, would something like a m4 pistol grip fit? If not, is there any other types of pistol grip I can get? If so, where?

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