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Question New to airsoft, opinions on what to buy

Hello everyone, I am new to the world of Airsoft but have had an interest in it to a lesser degree for some time now. I am however an active participant in both IPSC and IDPA shooting disciplines and am now interested in getting my own gear for Airsoft so that I can participate to a higher degree in this fun sport as well.

I have browsed around at the different brands that people regard to be good choices, namely TM, G&G, CA, WA as well as AE. I however see so many mixed reviews about all of them that I am not sure what I should be looking for to start.

I am looking for both an MP5A5 style AEG (<350 FPS) for my main gun (Budget of around $500) and either an SVI, or 1911 style for my side arm (Will consider others given a good reliability track record, and the budget for the side arm will be around $350-$400). As far as the sidearm goes I am looking for something that has a good weight to it, is a FMU if possible, and GBB.

Any positive input would be greatly appreciated so I can post something in the wanted section and get into this great sport in full effect as soon as possible.

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