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lol it's refreshing to have one of these types of threads, the repetitive noob sniper threads of late are so boring and dull, the "unkown noob that wants to open his own field" thread hasn't come up in a long time

to the other noobs: noob sniper threads threads are kinda passe at the moment, however here are a few ideas that are little less common yet equally entertaining:

- I'm a cadet/have lots of real steel firearm experience, why can't I own/play airsoft if I'm 12 years old?

- I've found a us/int'l retailer that says he can ship airsoft guns to me, has anyone had any luck with this? (any site except eastcoast airsoft will do as they've kinda been reamed out on ASC recently)

- Can I use my 450+fps gun in CQB if I use heavier bb's? no? why not?

- I want to open up an airsoft store, how do I go about getting a speshul* licence to import airsoft

- I know I can't be av'd as I am underaged, but how do the guns in the classifieds get here if importing airsoft is supposed to be illegal?

*Incorporating the use of horrendous spelling also adds to the fun factor for those responding to the thread.

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