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Welcome aboard Gundy G, Nice 'K' you've got there! I had the pleasure of meeting Jackie Chan in Atlanta at a paintball trade show last year. He and the whole crew took the time to demonstrate their products- a spot on bunch.

I have lucked out when crossing over to airsoft by meeting a couple of locals that have the patience to answer all my "newb" questions and I know that there are lots more forum members like them out there.

As a former BT Ranger Captain (paintball), I know that feeling when you see the elitists take down a newb with flaming and poking fun at them. The team thrived at getting the "newb" to come over to run with us and sit in the Battalion tent. We even had the pleasure of a few to even join the team!

I know that there are a few people that thrill themselves off of picking on the new guy- it happens everywhere- work, school, even the field. Some people aren't open to the concept of helping others out, heck, they may even be having a bad day themselves.

Don't give up bro, I'll help you out where ever I can and when I don't know the answers, I can introduce you to some fine forum members that are willing to help out.

With the age limit on this site, I have learned from the group of people that I have talked to the actual reason. They are heavily family oriented around here- and a big hats off to that. With some younger kids they tend not to think about the actions they preform, and know that they won't be held accountable for what they do. Which in turn robs the real players of the privledges that everyone has worked so hard for. If they bring a parent with them to a field, the host will be more open to the concept of letting an under 18 player actually play.

Since you're over 18 I know it doesn't apply, but for those who read the whole thread, at least they have an explanation.

I look forward to reading more of your posts as the technical info in them is quite accurate and it makes it easier for me to understand as a paintballer, lol.

Once again, welcome bro.
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