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We called up the boys to play (which ended up being the last game of the 2009 season), and only 4 showed. Down here, that’s pretty much typical, and we usually end up doing drills and such; but we decided to play with the guys we had. We split into 2 groups of 2 and decided we do a hide and hunt scenario. We were playing in a grassy, wooded area called the “L”; because if viewed from over-head, it would look like an “L”.
So the other 2 went off and my teammate and I waited for the “Ready” call. They called ready and we headed out. We decided to cut straight across the open field and head to the top point of the “L” to cut them off or to at least draw them back into the bottom corner of it. We made our way to the top point, constantly scouting for their position. The open field happened to have a slight ridge which gave us cover as we progressed to the top point. We crested the ridge and took a knee to see if we could spot someone from the other group. We spotted one of the guys in the bottom corner of the “L” to our south. He was making his way to our infill as he didn’t spot us, so we didn’t bother with him and proceeded to crest the incline and get a better recce of the AO. We moved up, I spotted the other target and we went prone back to the ridge. We quickly discussed a flanking manoeuvre and decided that my teammate make his way north to the top of the “L” and establish diversionary contact with the target.
Since the target was facing south; my teammate made his way north to his rear flank. Although out of range, he created the diversion I needed to move in on the target. I rescanned the AO to determine the whereabouts of the other target, when I was unable to see him I proceeded to crest the ridge.
Galil at my shoulder and bead on the target I swiftly and silently came in for the kill. The firefight between the target and my teammate was still in progress as I made my way in. I was getting closer and closer, finally I was close enough for a “surrender” so I lowered my rifle. I continued in, hoping that the target wouldn’t acknowledge my presence. I kept a constant stride, within a meter and I raised my arm and slapped him on the back. “Knife kill!” I proclaimed as he jumped back and yelped and said “Where the heck did you come from?” I burst out laughing and my teammate came running over laughing also. The target was shaken and didn’t know what happened. I explained that he was dead and he burst out laughing too. After everyone was calmed down, we left the dead be and proceeded to track and kill the last target.
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