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Originally Posted by Primus View Post
Ahh Lynch, I will never forget that fucker complaining about all us pussies not stepping in a certain puddle at Flagraiders and when his turn came that little fucker slipped in up to his elbows but if I remember correctly he managed to save his smoke from getting ruined. Or Cooper licking up the grease from a Wendy's burger wrapper for about 2 bucks and some change, that's some desperate shit right there!
It's actually more in the line like this

Lynch - Major flank on the left, we'll split up N' meet you on the otherside.....
Chapel - Yo I don't know man it looks pretty deep sarg....
Jezuz - yeah that look deep Lynch...
Evildoer - The otherside looks like a good ambush point, I think wildcard is in those bushes...
Lynch - Naaah, COME ON YOU PUSSIES IT'S NOT THAT DEEP......SEE< OOH SHITTTTT!!!, Help you fuckers!
wildcard - Hahahahahahahahahahah Good one Lynch!
Major - BANG You're dead
wildcard - OK Luis did you see Lynch went into the stream
Major - yeah.......hahahahahahaha
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