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Sorry we put you off but TBH the forums was a lot less noob friendly when I joined. And TBH I would rather deflect a shit ton of noobs from airsoft with the chance of putting off one really dedicated player than letting airsoft going the way of paintball with "electro toting agg muppets" (although now it seems to be going back into the milsim direction rather than neon coloured jerseys and "space dildos").

Yep DMR is probably what you want, and if you've played milsim paintball then some of the skills should transfer. Also there's the same problem in airsoft as paintball in regards to "hi cap" mags or high capacity magazines (400+ BB reservoir the you "tickle" the bottom of the mag to feed bb's into the track).

So I guess get AV, buy a gun and you're off to the races.

Also keep in mind that with a gas system you're likely to have FPS deviations due to the gas and "cooldown effect" (gas expanding and I guess what could be described as "latent heat" transfer do to the rapid "evaporation" of the liquid into gas).

If you want a solid DMR platform the ones that come to mind are the "SR-25" and SPR. Which are both armalites, which you don't want... The M14 is a good choice but with that it's "go TM or go home" from what others are saying, this could easily translate into $1000+ that you'll be dropping, $600 for the gun alone probably and then mods, mags, etc.

Now keep in mind that you don't "have" to have an SR-25 to be a DMR, you could easily have a setup for the role and pretend your rifle is ____ DMR rifle. People aren't usually strict with these kinds of things unless it's hardcore milsim and usually it's trying to prevent someone with an AK slapping on an auto winding drum mag and calling it an RPK when someone actually went to the trouble of dropping the money for an RPK conversion and spending those countless hours installing and acquiring the parts. You'd be fine for the most part taking an M16 for example upgrading it internally so that it's accurate at long ranges and acting out the role of DMR.

I highly suggest that if you don't want an Armalite then going for an AK, AK variant, or MP5 variant, is probably one of the best choices you can make due to the plethora of parts and upgrade options available (which means cheap because different aftermarket companies try to stay competitive and undercut each other).

PS: Read the FAQ's if you haven't already, lots of good info there that would take me ages to get through typing.
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