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Getting Back in the Game!.... a little help plz?

Greetings all,

My name is Kris, Iím attending TRU in Kamloops, 20 years old and looking to get age verified (Hortonís Heros? Or is that P and make my way back into airsoft againÖ possibly. Iíve been off the sport for a good while due to pretty crappy treatment on this very forum, not going to lie. The site is not n00b friendly and I found (yes, Iím going there) paintballers to be the polar opposite, even when I was intentionally dense they treated me like gold. That being said, I like my shooting sports, and donít plan on discriminating between the two, but frankly if the entire first page is people flaming me for no good reason again, Iím leaving for good.

That aside, the niche I found myself in paintball was milsim and now that Iím a mag fed paintballer, Iíve been kicking around the idea of trying to get back into airsoft since thereís a local team (Iím not trading one for the other, I want both sports). As you can imagine I have a fair deal of Mil gear and picatinny goodies being in that play type. In the past, Iíve found that people who use the big 200 rd hoppers, and those who use their 50 rd 300 rd reservoir wind up airsoft mags arenít the most careful folks when it comes to play. When the threat of running low on ammo does not exist, I find people do not play very tactically and so as of late Iíve taken pride in walking in to a game with 36 rounds while all other have 400, and still walking off alive with a good haul of kills. Is there such a thing as accuracy in volume? I doubt it, that isnít really accuracy at all, picking your shots certainly is. By now I think you can surmise Iíd very much like to purchase a rifle some time.

Before you pull out the ďGTFO YOU NOOBĒ and all that ďjust bcause you played Call of Duty 4 doesnít mean you can snipeĒ business, allow me to clarify. I would very much like to find a rifle (I am M4íd out, only AEGís Iíd drool at are bullpups), though not necessarily to snipe. I can, and have enjoyed that roll in the past but I like being more of the hang back and pick shots in plain view or sneak off to the side and flank kind of a guy; a rifleman or designated marksman if you will. I donít call myself a sniper, but am a ghillie guy, not so much to play in, Iíve tripped and fallen on account of burlap threads getting caught under foot too many times but can help you make one hell of a suit if you like. I have seen some posts on here with players insisting on absurd things like playing for many years, being squad leaders, working your way through online forum ranks (WHY?) before anyone will let you touch a rifle. Honestly, muffin, this isnít a real conflict, letís have fun?

I own the L96 from and have for 2 seasons now with mild success playing with a small cluster of friends in another town. Iíve been looking at some of the gas powered rifles for playing somewhat more seriously (KJ M700 take down on 007airsoft for example. No idea how to obtain one in Canada or through the site) and both suspect and hope theyíre inner workings might be similar to my paintball gun, familiarity with the system would be an asset for me. Iíve also had miserable luck with goggles and a suggestion for there is much appreciated. I understand using green gas causes you to get the most power from the rifle and too offset the power, heavier BBís are needed. If you feel you need to correct me on that point feel free. If I pick this up again Iíd love to get the best FPS I can with the heaviest and least wind susceptible ammunition.

Alas, I could go on for hours, but perhaps instead of rambling on now would be a good time to try and spur a discussion and find out if Iím to be flamed off the forums again. Though it is sacrilege, Iíll leave you now with a picture of my *mag-fed* Milsig K-series paintball gun.

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