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Originally Posted by Disco_Dante View Post
If you're just shooting your friends in their backyards... you don't need a great gun, just stick with walmart stuff and wear goggles.
Or, don't play in the backyard at all. It's irresponsible and can further ruin the reputation of Canadian airsoft if you get the cops called on you.

I would say that you wait until you're 18, and then get AVed and buy a gun, go to games, have fun, etc.

Understand airsoft is largely 18+ not to stop you from having fun, but for liability and maturity reasons. One cannot expect a 15 year old to behave maturely while holding a replica weapon that can injure someone. Also, if such a thing did occur, the minor could not be held responsible for his/her actions the way an adult could.

Understand that if you do not think about the above, you are endangering our hobby.

If you absolutely MUST have a gun NOW, I recommend that you get your parents to buy you a Walmart gun to plink with in the BASEMENT. Not in public, or anywhere where you might be seen. Do not paint it, keep it clear, to avoid any confusion should you be an idiot and bring it outside where nosy neighbours might catch a glimpse of it.

Lastly, if you get your parents to AV for you, you will most likely never be accepted by the community, even when you are of age.

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