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Buddy from work dragged me into paintball in 1991. Last parent had just died year before, seemed like good therapy. Started buying PB mags... in one of them, read about this thing that was happening in Japan called airsoft. About seven years later, just before the replica ban, walked into a store downtown called Spy vs. Spy. They had airsoft guns, first time I ever got to hold one... but were still too pricy for me. (I was renting in the city, while still paying taxes and utilities for the homestead.) Many years later bought a clear AEP from a local gun store... fun, but didn't get much use. At least I could shoot it in my basement.
A few years back, at a local arms show, I saw this silver springer on one of the tables. Figgered out what it was pretty quickly, decided to get it out of circulation. Twenty bucks later I had a bit of a mystery on my hands... couldn't figure out who made the darned thing. Did some web searching, one of the links was ASC. The rest is very expensive history... ;->
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