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Originally Posted by Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw View Post
Why don't you get a whole bunch of Western Canada players to get together and do a group bulk order and save on the shipping?
Talk to Amos, he's the mad-western BB Bastard and does a lot of volume, so, the Bastard product is out west via him and several teams that have bought for years directly through me (friends).

Amos ( would organize bulk purchases and save shipping cost and time. He's currently doing this for Claybank 2010. I've started doing direct drops from my manufacturer to him (he's the only Bastard I've ever done this with). This is to keep the cost competitive with Metal Tech and other western BB products that don't have the additional costs from the Port of Vancouver all the way across Canada. Keep in mind, all of that cost for players east of Manitoba are swallowed by me. If I could pick up and distribute within 500km of the PoV, they'd be less expensive.
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