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Thanks for the kudos guys.

From what I can tell, there seem to be 3 grades of BBs these days. About a month ago I thought there were only 2 but, there is grade 1, absolute shyte walmart style stuff, grade 2 where an attempt is made to hide the seam, but its still there with some polish, and grade 3 where the BB is molded via an injection process and is seamless. Grade 3 is the most expensive and its what I use. Grade 2 often gets passed off as grade 3 because its polishable and you can hide the seam, but, it suffers from the same problems as grade 1's, so I don't feel they are much better than grade 1's and in fact I think are a cheat, as they are usually passed off as premium.

I'm seeing a lot of grade 2 competitors out there now. Why? Its much cheaper - about 30% to 40% cheaper at the wholesale level. Looking through a clear bag, you can't really tell the difference between grade 2 and 3 if the polish is done right. Buyer beware. Fire it against concrete and watch what it does. If it breaks down the center, its grade 2, if it breaks less and more randomly, then its probably grade 3. Injection molding ensures a more even distribution of material, with no weak points like seams cause.

As Ex said, I stand behind my product. I also sponsor events, fields (created one), teams and I am up front and accessible and I sell one product - its a BB, so yes, I've become knowledgable about it because of my constant exposure to it and because I like to put quality product through my own guns. I've spent far too much money on tight bore barrels, full metal hopups, upgraded mechboxes, etc, to really care about spending, what, a dollar to two dollars more perhaps? (at worst) And I do know my grade 3 level products go for more in other premium brands that have similar characteristics. And, finally, you have the Bastard network, which is designed to eliminate shipping cost to the local player and make the product available during gameday. I don't think any other BB supplier in Canada has quite catered to the airsofter over the last 7 years like I have. But, don't take my word for it, try it for yourself. If you don't like it, send the remaining bag back to me (75% unused - remember, you didn't like it, lol) for an exchange or refund.

Cheers - happy 'softing!

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