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G36 Bulk mags

So I've been glancing around a bit, and I'm planning on getting a G36C if I can find a decent one (once I'm AV'd, which should be very shortly). In preparation, I've been looking at different sites trying to find some G36 realcap mags, preferrably in bulk, however, it's rare that I can find a single realcap (most of them are 50, and I guess that could be realcap, but from my knowledge the average G36 magazine size is 30 rounds), let alone finding them in bulk.

Does anyone know of a site that sells even single, 30rd G36 magazines? I flicked through Redwolf's magazine section (and I could've missed it, I was just eyeballing the pictures and text), and EbairSoft's magazine section, as well as a few others in the past. The only real "bulk" sets I can find are usually for an M4 or AK47 AEG.

Any help is greatly appreciated, even if it's just "You won't find a 30rd G36 mag".

Edit: Of course, after giving Redwolf another check over to see if I did accidentally miss it, I find a 5-pack of 30rd G36 mags for $21.99. I can't figure out how to delete the thread either, so I guess just locking it would work or something. Sorry guys. :/

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