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Well, right now I'm using the stock barrel. It goes all the way up to the start of the silencer, obviously. I just noticed something. Even when threading on all the way, the silencer can wobble up and down. I'd imagine thats because the krakens threads arent a full circle. Theyre like:
( _ )

EDIT: Theguy makes a good point. Maybe it is better to leave it to be asthetic for now. Until I game more, or become AV'ed and buy a better gun. (Yes, I am 18. 19 in june). As, I don't wanna shove alot of money in this, and find out that I could have gotten a way better one for less money. Spend more, upgrade less. Spend less, upgrade more. Right?
Currently modding AK.

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Loadout 2:
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Both Loadouts have Marpat Uniform, PASGT Helmet w/ Flecktarn, and Flecktarn chest rig.

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