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Well, my gearbox is stock. And AFAIK the stock kraken gearbox shoots ~380fps with .20g bb?

(And yea, I've dealt with jugglez before. I bought my silencer from him. Fast shipping!)

Here comes a slight alternative to a most common question.

Are there any modifications that I should do to my stock gearbox other than a bore-up kit, when I buy this barrel? (I'd rather know, so I don't risk like destroying my gun somehow.)

And, I'm debating if the 705mm inner barrel would be a good choice. I'm debating because, measurements of my silencer and innerbarrel of my gun could be off, and I don't want the 705mm inner barrel to stick out past my silencer. It'd look kinda tacky.

I do appreciate all the help guys, as I've been wanting to ask these questions for a while now.
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