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Originally Posted by Love View Post
I do actually appreciate you posting those links Coach. If I have to go with the hicap shorty mag, I will. But just for asthetics.
No worries. There's always going to be someone else asking where to get them. They are a bit of a novelty item that I'd even entertain in a low cap. they'd be more manageable than full sized mags but I'd have to outfit my rig with new smaller pouches to accommodate them. it would be nice to load up with 8+1 shorty mags and feel less bulky.

Originally Posted by Love View Post
Thats a 6.02mm, isnt that a little tight for a crap gearbox/crap gun like an aftermath kraken ak?

I'd be using KSC .20g BB's (or my .20 BB Bastard's)
if your gearbox is capable or shooting out of a 650, ie properly ported cylinder etc, then a 705 isn't that far off.

the tighter the bore will not really be affected by your crappy box. using crappy BB's with a 6.02 would be your limiting factor.
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