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IMPORTING soft air pistol accessories


i am new to this obviously, i have read around for laws on importing pieces for airsoft on this forum and online,

i am just wondering , i wanted to get a spare clip for one of my CO2 air pistols, i found a site that sold them, (was really hard to find one) but i noticed some things are more schrutinized for being imported like

AEG fake magazine are

but AEG magazines arent

i saw this in the frequently asked questions forum
im not really sure what the differnece was

however there was no mention on CO2 airpistol magazines

i had asked the supplier if he was alright with shipping it and successes he has had, and he said he had no problems, then i realized that he probably didnt know whether there really was an issue in the end

does anyone know the answer to this question?

is it illegal to import air pistol magazines? highly looked down on? highly likely to be seized?

thanks for reading
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