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Originally Posted by Love View Post
I havn't seen any shortmags online. Link please? (And yes, I'd rather order inside of canada, but I'll order internationally if I have to.)

Also, Pusangani cleared it up for me too. All barrels for AEG's are same, hopup rubbers too.

I see bore-up cylinder sets/kits for around $75 on airsoftparts. Good price?
(Bore-ups, are for pushing more air through the barrel right? I'd need it because the kraken gearbox isnt meant for a long barrel.)

a bore up cylinder set for $75 isn't that much. but then again u gotta ask yourself why ur going with a longer barrel....etc.

Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Tokyo Marui makes a 250 round hi-cap AK shortmag as seen here

I haven't found any mid or low cap AK short mags however if you find some contact me, I'm interested in picking some up.

The only other way I'm thinking of involves a lot of work and may not actually work which is to take a standard length AK mag and cutting it down while modding the internals to work with the cut down mag. This probably involves a dremel, messing with the feeding track and messing with the spring. Like I said a lot of work for not too much gain and possibly destroying a mag in the process.
don't think there are any low/mid ak short mags. i've found only hicaps.

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