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650mm barrel for AK?

Hey guys. Refering back to one of my older posts about my 250mm silencer that I added to my AK47/Kraken. (I'm building an RML & M76 mix)

With the silencer added on, I would need an inner barrel of 705mm. (But they dont come in that size. Biggest is 650mm AFAIK.)

Would this MadBull 6.03mm TB 650mm innerbarrel work with my AK?

Is theyre any cheaper alternatives?

Also, if I am replacing the stock barrel with this, are there any other upgrades that I should do to my gun? Or would a longer barrel without any upgrades be fine? (If I recall correctly, putting a random upgrade part in a gun, can do more harm than good, if none of the other stuff is upgraded.)

/spoonfeed (You know, I love you all. Except you. *Points at tall person in crowd.*)

EDIT: Might aswell ask this too: Are there any AK47 Shorty Mags availiable?
Currently modding AK.

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Loadout 2:
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Both Loadouts have Marpat Uniform, PASGT Helmet w/ Flecktarn, and Flecktarn chest rig.

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