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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
Bring your parents, especially if they play airsoft.

Parental participation is the number #1 golden rule for minors and airsoft. You are likely to get a lot further if your parents are right by your side. A lot of people, like myself, have nothing but complete respect for parents that introduce their kids to airsoft in a responsible manner.

Seriously, I really don't understand why kids aren't embracing the idea like hot cakes. I'd have loved to play airsoft with my old man, had I been given the chance earlier in life.
No kidding. If things weren't so patchy between my dad and I right now, I'd have him drive me out to a field every week to go play some airsoft. The fact that he has money AND a car means that my food, field fees, supplies (BB's, gas, batteries), and transportation would all be taken care of. Epic win. Do it, if you can.

Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
I see a post like this and then I see your signature "Waiting 2 years to play"

You know you can't play but you still insist on getting guns, if you want to do so that's fine, just don't tell us about it we don't care nor do we condone kids owning airsoft.
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