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Location: Kitchener, Ontario is a funny site.

As long as that site has a paintball / airsoft discussion thread on that site will always be frustration with "posers".

I find it humourous that someone would use their stickys as almost a "law" that goes beyond that site. I don't think that is a realistic expectation.

If somebody wants to take their airsoft look to another level then be my guest. As with most anything else in the real world you can do what you like. However, don't expect everyone to like it.

As far as posting pics on the net of oneself as a "faux" soldier past or present goes, don't expect everyone to approve.

IMHO any airsoft look / impression should just stay on the playing field. I am not a big fan of airsoft pics or videos anyway (just because I find them boring as there are so few women in the pics)

While I am sure some people playing army dressup have made false claims I have never met one. And that type of behaviour shouldn't be encouraged.
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Anyways, it's not my problem. Enjoy your overpriced shaving acessories.

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