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Originally Posted by zeshil View Post
I think i'd be more pissed how this "underage" kid got an airsoft rather then badges.
LOL! I know eh...

Originally Posted by ozzi1337 View Post
Until you've experienced it, your not going to understand...

Any, I'm over it ... I tried to vent (in a space that was provided for that reason) and I get my arse handed to me by a pair of brainless canadian twats

peace out. :salute:
Oh man, stick to watching airsoft on the internet (since you can't play) and judging people by what they wear, you vented as was your right, and so did I in disagreement to your stance on the topic. How dare you facepalm at me, ME! and then try to edit it out afterwards!

Originally Posted by MoreToasties View Post
Twat? TWAT!?
Yep TWATS! brainless ones too!

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