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Originally Posted by ozzi1337 View Post
How would you feel, if after serving x amount of years in the military, did your para training, jtac qualified, member of the special forces etc... and you see a kid (who probably hasn't hit puberty yet) walking around, brandishing the badges and berets that you worked for, and all he did is to visit ebay, spend a couple of bucks and gets one? ... think about it ...

oh and ... i wouldn't be taking the piss outta my government, as far as I can tell, airsoft in Canada is working on a very short leash as it is.
Where are all these pre-pubescent kids that are buying up all the fake badges? lol wtf, why would a decorated army vet care?

Hypothetically speaking again, (because I've never served) If I did serve, it wouldn't bother me in the slightest

I love it how all these people (who've never served themselves) take issue with other civilians wearing them, it's always "oh if i served and I saw that, I would beat him up etc" who fucking cares, let the veterans/those serving complain

as far as you can tell? from where? way downunder? only law we have against us is importation so suck on that mate
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