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How would you feel, if after serving x amount of years in the military, did your para training, jtac qualified, member of the special forces etc... and you see a kid (who probably hasn't hit puberty yet) walking around, brandishing the badges and berets that you worked for, and all he did is to visit ebay, spend a couple of bucks and gets one? ... think about it ...

oh and ... i wouldn't be taking the piss outta my government, as far as I can tell, airsoft in Canada is working on a very short leash as it is.
I think i'd be more pissed how this "underage" kid got an airsoft rather then badges.

someone said it in another thread

Originally Posted by Yeoman View Post
you people in this thread make me laugh.
ww2 is okay, but modern is not?
people still died, fought, and served still wearing the same capbadge and names
before you try and flame me, should make look into my background in the cf and think.
seriously; the guys want to wear it? have at it. the second you say 'yeah i'm in it' i'll rip your nuts off.
here is the link to the thread
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