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Originally Posted by ozzi1337 View Post
I'm either reading this wrong, or your contradicting yourself... You can wear CADPAT all you want, I'm sure the Guys in the Canuck forces don't have a problem with that, nor do I, but say if someone puts on airborne or JTAC patches or something they haven't earnt, that's where the line is drawn.
oh god, you are slow THAT IS THE CONTRADICTION!!! if you have a problem with people wearing badges because they haven't served/earned it

then USING THAT SAME LOGIC (your logic not my logic) then no one should be able to wear the BDU of an army that they haven't served in

Who draws the line? You? didn't know you were the authority on what people can wear in airsoft, are you the commissioner of the Airsoft Fashion Police?

well don't wear badges etc. don't worry about what the next guy is wearing, we are all playing dressup/play soldier in the greater scheme of things.
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