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Originally Posted by ozzi1337 View Post

UH... I take it you didn't read the whole post? I didn't say anything about cadpat, marpat, acu, bdu's etc... I was talking about qualification patches, regiment specific beret's and cap badges ...
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Personally I don't care, I've never served, I don't own alot of gear, basically just a couple sets of bdu's and a chest rig. But the people that do the impressions, it's just "their thing" I've never heard any of the impression guys claim to be something that they weren't.

If they want to play dressup then let them.

With that logic, I shouldn't wear my CADPAT because I've never served in the CF so I'm a big wannabe noob too right? then we are all a bunch wannabe's playing soldier
perhaps you should learn to read better, I never said that you said anything about the camo, I said if you are going to apply that kind of logic...
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