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Originally Posted by ozzi1337 View Post
Well as I'm Australian, I haven't add the privilege of playing airsoft (yet), how ever I have grown accustomed to visit team/locale forums, and finding pictures of Milsim'ers bragging about their "Impressions" or "load outs", in which they try to look like SAS, JTF2, SASR, 4RAR, SFOD-D, Para, CDO, RM, GIGN etc... to look through, oh shit they've done a nice job, then to see, para qual badges, unit patches, sand(or tan) berets, red berets, green berets, with the cap badges.

If you've never served a day of your life in the military, don't wear them! We (i use that term collectively) have worked hard to gain those qualifications, not for some gear-whore, plastic-fantastic, gun-totting noob to be running around and airsoft field, proclaiming, "oh but we're like the Airsoft Delta Force or something ... I don't have a problem with teams "replicating" SF/Inf/other unit's structure/missions/everything else, but keep qual badges, beret's etc off the field, if you haven't earnt them.

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Big +1. It's all good as long as you don't use the real capbadges and/or unit patches.
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