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McGuyver knows his stuff...can't add much of anything there.

Although...for most every collapsible M4 rear wired/crane type setup I remove the fuse since there isn't room to have one. When there isn't room I just leave it out.

Fuses blow so something else in the electical path doesn't (maybe not blow, but rather damaged).

Most electrical things (i.e. wiring insulation, switch contacts, battery cells, motor magnets, etc...) don't "recover" once they get damaged. Once damaged they work less efficiently than before...usually running "hotter" (to dummies like me I picture that they're straining under load and working harder to do the same amount of work) and get worse. Some things burn out instantly (i.e. fuse)...others die a gradually degrading death (i.e. motors, switches) and stress other components in the process.

Ultimately up to you.
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