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Originally Posted by Georgi Zhukov View Post
In my opinion they are fairly useless. The only thing they do is give you something else to trouble shoot.
Good thing you don't do any electrical work.

Fuses are not only there to protect the wiring. They are there to protect any items in the electrical path. And they are only useful if sized properly.

A 30A time-delay fuse in a gun with #18 wire and a motor load with perhaps 12A draw at in-rush is poorly sized. If you don't know how to properly size a fuse to your load, you aren't in a position to even offer an opinion on it's worth in an electrical circuit.

I am an electrician, with many years in DC and AC systems, and I can tell you what Stalker says is correct, more or less. A fuse has minimal resistance, the wiring probably has more. But as the fuse heats up due to load, it's resistance will increase slightly. But more importantly and ofetn overlooked is the type of fuse and it's connection points in the circuit, as well as the connection points of every control (switch), load (motor) and supply (battery) device.

Proper fuse size and type, and proper connections will NOT result in reduced rate-of-fire.

Most "gun docs" are tinkerers, with poor trouble-shooting skills in areas they don't fully understand. Electricity is akin to voodoo to many, and anyone who proceeds with fuse removal as a performance-enhancer is asking for trouble. The guns that have crossed my bench have ranged from great shape with minor problems to poor shape and a time-bomb. Most guys have no idea what shape their gun is in internally to know whether fuse removal means a $200 repair bill.

I did this up a couple of years ago on the subject of AEG elctrical and motor theory. Please read:
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