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The faster your shoot, the less time your BBs take time to hit your target. It also help fight the effect of wind. But more does not equal better.

That's why 450fps is considered a good in between fps for sniping. It help push those heavy BBs fast enough, yet is slow enough not to suffer from innacuracy or higher fps rifles.

Like Stalker said, lower fps is better for more precision. You can tune the hopup to juice the maximum range out of the "power" of your rifle, and visually compensate for the drop by hold-over. This make a lot of sense in dense woods with no wind, or small fields.

My M24 is at 450fps and I like it that way. My other rifle will be tuned for either low or high fps, depending on the need. Since I can easely swap my springs.

And +1 to being a full time sniper helping develope the skill. You realise quickly that you are outgunned by everyone in the field and you adapt your style of play to survive. When you reach the top of your game, you also reach the top of the airsoft food chain. But nothing is perfect, as the predator can also fall pray easely.

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