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I actually often play with my rifle like i do in video games. Is more something I realized after many years of playing hard with my sniper rifle on my back, working with my team via comms, and doing very well. Sure I spent most of my days with my MP5 as my primary, and a pistol or two as well, but my rifle gets used LOTS, all a matter of the situation. I've played urban areas with the same set up, and I find it much more fun to just go with a pistol and my rifle (BA rifle that is) and grab lots of kills. Was mid last year I realized that one can play the game like one would in a video game, but one can't use the video game as a sure means to get good on the field.
aha, yeah. Many years being the key words there
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Everyone needs a hobby.

Airsoft is still cheaper than cocaine and plus I dont wake up naked in the woods anym....actually no that still happens with airsoft.
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