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Originally Posted by Tugg View Post
I've been reading around and i see that MANY people say if your a noob, DO NOT GET A SNIPER RIFLE. Some say it because the gun is too powerful and only trusted players use them so they dont shoot the wrong person. Others say its because the rifle does not shoot hard enough to begin with and A LOT of money and time are needed to actually "snipe" with it. Do these points not contradict each other? Just a thought that popped into my head, and I thought maybe someone could shed some light on the confusion.

Not sure if your question really got answered.

Based on what I bolded in your question above, I can explain why it sounds like a contradiction, when it's not really.

1 - Sniper rifles are allowed to shoot a a higher FPS at most games because as part of the role they need to shoot farther and FPS (but not just FPS) does impact distance. This increase in FPS makes folks nervous about who is shooting at them. That is why is just one of the reasons new folks are advised against starting with sniper rifles. We generally don't trust you.

2 - When folks tell you the opposite, that "it does not shoot hard enough to begin with and A LOT of money and time are needed to actually "snipe" with it." they are not contradicting the other point.

Airsoft rifles (as discussed in the rest of the thread) only have a good range of between 60-100ft. Stalking someone, sniping them, then getting away with that range limitation isn't REALLY fucking hard. When they tell you it doesn't shoot hard enough, they are saying that because of it's limited range, it's much harder to use an AS sniper rifle effectively.

It's not a contradiction. It's just two ways of looking at the same thing. It's not just about FPS and that can confuse folks.
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