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I could afford to spend $$$$ on building a top level sniper rifle...or spend that and more and buy or have someone build me one. If I thought it was what I wanted to do...then I'd do it. isn't the particular barrier for me, re. using/buying a sniper rifle.

And it's not that they're not technically interesting rifles either. The mechanics are simple but elegant in their own right...they can be tweaked/tuned/adjusted. I'm an accuracy nut and like to fiddle with that's all good there.

So...the technical interest/viability isn't a barrier for me either.

Power...IMHO, is a misnomer. I've played at several "hot" games, I've been allowed to shoot "hot" on occasion. That comes with being reliable and diligent. But, again IMHO, I've not really seen the need for it. In general, there's not that much advantage to be had to be able to shoot 50-100fps harder than the next guy. Also, I shoot with buddies (if I'm not on their team this game, I'll probably be on their team the next)...and am not really out to hurt them. A hit with a mouse-fart of a shot is the same kill as a sub-dermal bleeder....with the exception that no one laughs about the latter when you're chit-chatting after the game.

I do agree that a bolt action rifle that's in a real sweet spot is nice to use and is quieter than any AEG. But a snipers role isn't all about shooting at every target.

So...what's really put the issue of sniper rifle or not to bed for me is this:

For airsoft, I really like assualting and getting into the heat of a takes enormous restraint for me not to run towards a firefight. I like being either part of the hammer or the anvil when flanking OpFor. I like laying up for an ambush and then popping the baddies and seeing them whirl around in confusion as they're wiped out. I like putting up so much of a fight that if my opponents do overcome us...the first thing out of their mouths afterwards is (censored for the kiddies), "Jebus, that was one fricken awesome fight, I thought we were goners right up until the end."

So...a bolt action rifle just doesn't do that for me. Love having teammates with them, love having long guns on tap for standoff shots when they're needed, love having precision fire to call in on demand.

But when the shots are flying, I'm too itchy to lay around and got to get into it (quite often this gets me dead...but it's airsoft and the next chance for fame & glory is only a medic or respawn away).

Have fun, get one and try it out. If you like the style of play, go for it. If not, grab an assault rifle and hit the front's a blast.
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