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Originally Posted by MOARPOWER View Post
The main point is that sniping is nothing like video games, not the fact that its too hot or it needs money to be gamable. You just need experience.
I actually often play with my rifle like i do in video games. Is more something I realized after many years of playing hard with my sniper rifle on my back, working with my team via comms, and doing very well. Sure I spent most of my days with my MP5 as my primary, and a pistol or two as well, but my rifle gets used LOTS, all a matter of the situation. I've played urban areas with the same set up, and I find it much more fun to just go with a pistol and my rifle (BA rifle that is) and grab lots of kills. Was mid last year I realized that one can play the game like one would in a video game, but one can't use the video game as a sure means to get good on the field.

Me with just my M24 and Mk23 at an uban type field:

And don't freak out about how much Amos spent, he bought top notch parts and spent a lot tuning hs rifle, much more than most will do. Parts in my M24, I'd say I have maybe $500 into it. Many of the most skilled snipers set their rifles up for consistancy and accuracy, run heavy BBs and know that range is easily accomplished by compensating for elevation, it isn't a result of just having a high velocity. For a few years I ran my M24 at around 500fps w/.2g BBs, and used 0.30g BBs. Last year I downgraded the velocity to 400fps and went with 0.36g BBs, and I think I'll stick with it, my rifle shoots straight and consistantly every time. Sure my rounds might drop around 150ft away, but elevate some and 200ft+ is easy.

And what Fox said about a stock rifle shooting as well as a springer is false, a springer pistol might net you 60ft range, a stock rifle would get you double that if you used higher than 0.25g BB weight.
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