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what about accuracy? A stock sniper rifle must be more accurate than a stock AEG (assuming proper BB weight and scope adjustment)?

Note: and don't say that an AEG is more accurate because of its ROF, Im talking about single shot accuracy...
Not necessarily. Pure stock my P90 had roughly the same single shot effective accuracy as the VSR, good enough to hit a man sized target at 50 yards. The VSR could group a bit tighter but not enough to affect how the rifle was fielded.

What makes all the difference is in psychology really. A guy with an AEG takes a shot, chances are he'll be using full auto and will 'walk' his shots towards his intended target using the BBs as tracers, while the guy getting shot at hears a readily identifiable sound of an AEG firing.

A guy with a bolt action knows he can't afford to miss more then once or twice, so he'll wait until he gets a clean shot. Someone with an AEG could do the exact same net effect, just that most choose not to. You gain a much better tactical advantage by laying down a hailstorm of BBs onto a target using accuracy through volume.
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