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to get better range you will need a better hop up unit like a PDI hop with Dual Adjustment (Crazy stupid hard to get it adjusted right but when you do it is golden)

a matching barrel such as a #4 from PDI
Good hop rubber

good BB's .28 BB Bastard or better .3 or higher.

FPS Feet per second is not a measure of range it is how fast the payload gets to the target.

All in all when I had my L96 I put probably 300 in parts into it to get it shooting super sweet and accurate.

Easily with my scope adjusted properly I could take out a dime at about 55 feet (in my basement where there is no wind etc to adjust for)

My advice

1 Get AV'd on here then a world of stuff opens up to you
2 Don't get a sniper rifle as your first gun... Get an AEG like an M4, G36 or something else for outdoors and game that for a while.

if you want to try the sniper thing then upgrade your M4 to an M16 length barrel or longer then switch to semi auto and add a scope now snipe and see if you like the single shot game.

if you like the Hide, wait wait wait wait wait move wait wait wait move wait wait wait shoot game then you have what it takes to snipe and then get yourself a Well L96 stock... or a VSR10 Stock play with that for a wile then open your wallet and say goodbye to the cash..

Bear in mind with a sniper rifle usually shooting over 400 FPS you will most likely have a minimum engagement distance (say 50+ feet) so you see someone walking down a path towards you and they are less then 50 feet away you hide and wait. bear in mind you have one shot they have many you miss you say HIT many times then respawn...

Sniping is not for everyone.... one of the best I have seen is The Draven.. he is a huge man Like 6f7 and when he hides well he is invisible and silent...

a lot of sniping is extreme patients and picking your shots... you don't have the hose everyone else has so you can't shoot at 4 guys in the bush... you will hit one then be done...

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