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I haven't found much of an increase in accuracy between barrels of the smae brand, but slightly different lengths.
Between an AK and a M16 barrel, I cannot say for certain there is an increase in all, because human error plays too big of a role, even with the weapon supported; the only way to test further would be for some sort of gun firing vice-grip thing.
between a stock TM VSR-10 and a stock TM AEG, a burst of automatic fire will easily compensate. That said, I have noticed that a Well MB03 I previously had, completely stock, shot at around the same accuracy (Across my basement.... Which is approx 20 meters max?) shot for shot, with my M16, using all prommy barrel and hop components and systema air-seal components. (Yet another inaccuracy is that the hop rubber is worn down somewhat in the M16)
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I'll bet Ronan was the one who sent that email.
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The chinese steal everything. Haven't seen an original idea come out of that country yet.
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