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I see the attitude ASC has towards starters now...

I was just trying to get the help and user experience I needed to assist me in making a cost efficient and well informed decision that will be necessary in order for me to gain experience in the world of airsoft and share in on the love and passion for the ever-growing sport. I just wanted to join in on the joy and love that people seem to have towards airsoft.

To explain my passion I've written a poem:

My love for you is too immense to measure
And your touch how it gives me oh so much pleasure
You literally take my breath away
In my life you just must always stay

The emotions you stir are of ardent love
With a devotion that comes from the stars above
And our passion we share unites us as one
Fulfilling the desires is just so much fun

I have given you the key to my frail heart
With the dream that we will never part
As I write these words I hope you will heed
I pray that I shall be all that you need
Forever in my heart...airsoft.

Im sorry to have bothered you fine people with my redundant questions. I shall bother you no more with my antics and leave you in peace to converse with the other elites about the peasant folk like me. is everywhere. Even on airsoft forums. I am discriminated over my age and maturity to join the world of airsoft. My love and pride for this pastime is thrown away like an emtpy Mcdonalds cup, into the wretched and aching world where all that is to love is paintball. My heart cries out in sorrow over the exclusion and isolation I feel. And all I wanted was some acceptance and encouragement.

I guess I shall just take my Crosman Pulse M70 and play pretend war in my room with until it runs out of the AA's it runs on. Then I will have nothing. Nothing more to hold onto and pull the trigger in a rush of adrenaline. Then its up to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to satisfy my thirst for action and teamwork. But I wont have a TSD L96 to use. I will have to settle for an Intervention or the Barrett.

So please ASC, have so consideration and respect towards your fellow airsofters, regardless of their experience.
Because in the end, we are all just airsofters looking to have some fun in life.

So this is my goodbye. Farewell ASC. And farewell airsoft. Over and out.

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