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No, because a stock sniper rifle is not gamable.
Well, you can use it at game, but you will be in the same ballgame as a player using a sprigner pistol.

Also, it's not a good weapon platform to start playing and learn the dynamic of the game.

To be an effective sniper, you need a very good comprehention of the game and the tactics, as well and the effectiveness of AEGs.

That experience come after one or 2 years of playing.
No, a stock springer rifle is gameable, it just needs a completely set of tactics and mindset based more upon stealth and deception rather then firepower.

I used my stock TM VSR10 in Edmonton more then once and came away with a decent number of kills. My favorite moment though came from when a small squad of 4 came across a 200 meter clearing towards the treeline myself and one other were hiding in. Normally I would've ran and hid but they had already detected us and the treeline was exceedingly thin so hiding places were quite lacking. Instead I set up on the treeline itself in a semi covered position behind a really really thin tree and scope all of them out. Not one of them dare approach closer then 100 yards; each time one got close I made sure he saw that I had my rifle pointed straight at him. Held that position for a good 30 minutes before they all decided that a two guys wasn't worth the effort and left.

It's interesting to play with a stock BA springer. You'll run often into situations where you'll wish you had an AEG but moments that you learn how to outwit an entire enemy squad is well worth the effort and occasional frustration.
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